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Bussing Broker: Week 11

The light rail station opened!  That didn’t help me all that much with today’s touring plans since I was up to the northwest neighborhoods, but I’ve been on and off the train more since the new Capitol Hill station opened on Saturday than I think I had the whole year prior.  It’s very nice to neither walk up the hill, nor wait for a bus that may or may not be faster than just walking.  Everybody else on the train seems pretty pleased with it, too.

Today’s tour was a bit complicated from the outset.  Getting from Capitol Hill to Greenwood isn’t the most direct or speedy of commutes in general.  Today had the extra foil of a man in a tree causing quite the diversion of attention downtown.

I’d like to take a moment just to pause here and reflect on this: my commute was disrupted by a man in a tree.  I’m not sure you could get more quintessentially Seattle, unless he was drinking coffee up there.

At any rate, the delays were enough, given the ground I needed to cover, that I cheated a little.  The Car2Go membership I signed up for after my car wreck so I could have it in case of emergency gave me 30 free minutes since I haven’t actually used it.  (Hurray, no emergencies!)  When I got downtown and realized I could drive to the first property in Greenwood before I could even get on the bus I wanted to get there, those 30 free minutes were looking pretty attractive.  So I hopped in.  Overall it was a pleasant experience that definitely rescued my day from becoming a cascading spiral of travel delays, but I’m also glad my first time driving a smartcar wasn’t while I had a client with me.  There was definitely some adjusting to do.

It was all feet and buses from there.  I didn’t quite get to everything I wanted to see, but I think it was a good showing all the same.

Location: Greenwood, North Beach, Ballard
Time: 3 hr
Transit modes: Feet, Bus, Car2Go
Cost: $5
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: n/a
Properties Viewed: 3