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Wednesday Links: February 22

This week’s news is dominated by traffic.  The number of drivers commuting alone in the area is down, which takes some of the sting out of finding out that our traffic ranks as the 10th worst in the country.

Yesterday brought us Mayor Ed Murray’s state of the city address.  Affordable housing and homelessness were two of the six main topics covered.

If you’re looking for weekend plans, there’s a special new bloom on display at the Volunteer Park conservatory.  As the article notes, the Asian Art Museum will be closing for renovations soon, so a trip to Volunteer Park in the near future is a good idea anyway.

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Bussing Broker: Week 14

Spring has definitely kicked off, because this week has been astonishingly busy, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up any time soon.  Despite that, and clients running me from hither and yon, I did make it out on tour this week.  (I suspect next week isn’t going to happen, though.  We’ll see.) I went on Wednesday, and this is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit down and write it up.

Given the frantic pace this week had, my goals for tour were pretty modest.  Three properties, a condo and two single family homes, in Fremont and Wallingford.  I caught the bus to the first property, walked to the other two, and then used a bus-train combo to get back.  This was slightly less than two hours round trip, including the tour, and I got a lot of correspondence and planning taken care of while I was on the bus, so it worked out pretty well.  Also, the weather on Wednesday was gorgeous, and everything is in bloom, so that was a really nice walk to take in the middle of the day.

Location: Fremont, Wallingford
Time: 2 hr
Transit modes: Bus, feet, train
Cost: $2.50
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: No tea
Properties Viewed: 3