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Wednesday Links: September 6

Anybody paying attention to rental properties in the area may have been following the federal suit against the owner of three buildings in Edmonds who advertised her buildings as restricted to adults, and turned away families with children.  That suit has been settled, for $95,000, which is a sizable chunk of change.

Cities in Washington overall made a good showing in a recent list of best cities to live in, but Seattle, and Bellevue particularly so, both making the top 10.  Shockingly, they didn’t perform very well on the affordability metrics.

Speaking of affordability, this article has a good breakdown of the long term trends in housing costs in the area, and what factors are likely to drive it going forward.  The comparisons to California are particularly apt – I see a lot of interest from people currently residing in California and comparing their current living arrangements to Seattle with an eye toward reduced expenses.

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Wednesday Links: February 15

Maps and stats are the theme for this week.  First up is this mapping project designed to give walking directions that make sense from the pedestrian’s perspective.

FEMA has issued updated flood maps that put 800 more properties in flood zones.  If own or are looking in Pierce county, you might want to check whether you’re affected by the changes.

The road to funding the 2040 transportation budget is nearly there.  At least, it looks like it’s there enough to get started.  (Which is great, because otherwise it might turn into the 2050 plan.)  And it’s definitely needed since commute times everywhere, including the Eastside, are growing.

There is a lot of interesting analysis for stat wonks to pry open in this writeup from the Seattle Bubble.  Particularly interesting is the breakdown on where current market growth is happening and comparisons to prior markets that saw similar growth patterns.