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Wednesday Links: September 27

I was slightly off in the timing, but I was right about the weather punishing me for declaring Autumn’s arrival last week.  And it’s expected to get warmer tomorrow?  Seattle, you and I need to have a serious conversation about appropriate temperature choices for late September.

I suppose it makes sense, though, given the Case-Shiller numbers.  As always, the Seattle Bubble has a great analysis, and looks at the local market trends in comparison with national trends for an illuminating picture.  Growing that much faster than the national rate is interesting, but I’m not convinced it’s the kind of interesting that’s good.  All real estate is local, but national trends have a tendency to correct local anomalies.

At least we’re doing our part to put that market heat to work combating the weather heat.  Seattle is ranking pretty well nationally for LEED-certified residential building.  Those are buildings that are certified for their “greenness” focusing mostly on energy efficiency.  I’ve been a big fan of the current building trends prompted by LEED-certification because in addition to being more environmentally friendly, the construction is frequently higher quality, with better noise control, than the typical construction trends of the ’90’s and aughts.

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