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Wednesday Links: August 23

Zillow released a report on the number of million dollar zip codes across the country and Seattle gets some attention.  While the Bay area dominates the million dollar zip code range, Seattle gets special attention for doubling its number since the housing peak in 2007.  Keep in mind that these numbers are being judged based on the Zestimate, which is a fraught metric.

Continuing with the spate of stories about the state of the local renter market, a new study using census data indicates that every generational group in Seattle has a significant portion of people who are overburdened by the rent.  The report looked at the proportion of income spent in rent for three different age groups by people who rent instead of owning.  While the different groups had very different rates of homeownership, they were all fairly similarly burdened by their rent.

Related to the theme of Seattle’s growth from the last several weeks, Seatac is growing, too.  The south terminal has been undersized for quite some time, and the new terminal is expected to double its capacity.  The hope is that this will reduce delays and crowding in a way that significantly improves the Seatac experience.  Hurray!

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