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Wednesday Links: August 2

Inventory went up again in July!  Two months in a row!  Let’s make it it an ongoing trend!! Dancing for everybody!

If you want a peek into one of the factors contributing to the general lack of inventory, here’s one; we’re adding jobs faster than we’re adding housing.  The bright side of the article, I suppose, is that we’re the tenth city on the top ten list, so there are nine places who have it worse.  You’ll note that San Jose was in the news recently as the place taking the top spot for fastest growing market.  These things travel together.

Anybody following the upzoing around the city will be interested in the latest – after a bit of a delay, the upzones for the International District have passed, along with some companion legislation meant to curtail and mitigate the potential displacement caused by the upzoning.

The market is the only thing hot this week; we’re under an excessive heat advisory and it is quite warm by local standards.  The city has a list of places you can go to stay cool and protect yourself from the heat.  Many of them are places you might be inclined to hang out anyway, which is handy.  Stay safe!

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