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Wednesday Links: April 12

Last week we talked about the news that rent hikes might be getting smaller.  Smaller hikes isn’t the same as smaller rents, though.  Zillow just published a handy calculator that will help you figure out what level of raise you need in order to cover your anticipated rent increase.

Some of the news in this article about properties going above listing price won’t be terribly surprising, but if you thought the hot market was limited to the Seattle city limits, you’ll want to read past the fold.  The percent of properties in Redmond going over list is big enough to make Seattle’s numbers look reasonable.  The eastside in general is cooking up a storm, pressing buyers in the area who need “affordable” even more tightly into the North/South corridor around the city.

Bertha broke through, but we’re not quite done talking about her.  SDOT made a video so you could watch the accomplishment.  If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s largest boring machine looks like when it finishes a job, now you can find out.

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