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Wednesday Links: February 22

This week’s news is dominated by traffic.  The number of drivers commuting alone in the area is down, which takes some of the sting out of finding out that our traffic ranks as the 10th worst in the country.

Yesterday brought us Mayor Ed Murray’s state of the city address.  Affordable housing and homelessness were two of the six main topics covered.

If you’re looking for weekend plans, there’s a special new bloom on display at the Volunteer Park conservatory.  As the article notes, the Asian Art Museum will be closing for renovations soon, so a trip to Volunteer Park in the near future is a good idea anyway.

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Wednesday Links: February 15

Maps and stats are the theme for this week.  First up is this mapping project designed to give walking directions that make sense from the pedestrian’s perspective.

FEMA has issued updated flood maps that put 800 more properties in flood zones.  If own or are looking in Pierce county, you might want to check whether you’re affected by the changes.

The road to funding the 2040 transportation budget is nearly there.  At least, it looks like it’s there enough to get started.  (Which is great, because otherwise it might turn into the 2050 plan.)  And it’s definitely needed since commute times everywhere, including the Eastside, are growing.

There is a lot of interesting analysis for stat wonks to pry open in this writeup from the Seattle Bubble.  Particularly interesting is the breakdown on where current market growth is happening and comparisons to prior markets that saw similar growth patterns.

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News Links: February 8

Lots of fun things to take a gander at over the last week.

My favorite is this article about the new Pac-Man street park in Capitol Hill.  It’s just a few blocks from where I keep my main desk, so I’ve been appreciating it since its installation.

Finding out that Seattle (actually, the greater Seattle Metro area) is ranked as the 6th best place to live in the U.S. is pretty great news, too.

The Seattle Bubble stat report for December‘s data is out and it confirms what we already know: inventory is even lower, prices are still going up, and that looks likely to be the case for some time.


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News Links, February 1

Lots and lots going on this week.  There are many updates from Sound Transit on upcoming plans, including approvals pertinent to northern and southern LINK extensions.

Seattle is looking for public feedback on rules for clearing homeless camp sites.

November continued Seattle’s trend of house price growth. We’re back to per-recession prices, which hopefully means more sellers will list and we can get some relief on our tight inventory problems.

Here‘s a look at the relationship between housing prices and immigrant populations from Redfin. That’s useful information for most of King county.

And this one isn’t brand new, but I just found it and it’s on a subject near and dear to my heart: How to design the perfect home library.

The Creating Homes Seminary is tonight.  There is one seat left open for registration, so it’s going to be a full house. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!