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Upcoming Event: Creating Homes

Whether you’re a polycule, platonic friends, a collaborative family, a married couple taking a unique approach to property ownership, or an extra-terrestrial seeking knowledge of human laws and culture, there is a lot of value in understanding how property and home ownership works, and how you can tailor it to your family’s needs.  This seminar co-taught by Jessica Eanes and Nathan Cliber and full of practical advice tailored to the attendees.

Jessica has been working professionally in real estate for over six years and done a lot of work with non-traditional families, and Nathan is a Seattle-based family law attorney with a focus on alternative family structures.  Both have offered similar seminars in the past, and are super excited to team up for this offering focused on home and property ownership.

The seminar will be happening at Office Nomads on February 1, from 7-9pm.

Registration fees are $40 for individuals or $30/person for groups of two or more attending together.

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