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Wednesday News Links

This is an interesting comparison of Seattle’s current density to density of other cities around the world.  It’s a handy reference for trying to imagine what increased density limits for future residential construction in Seattle might look like in practice.

MIT’s Treepedia project lets you compare the relative greenery of different cities, and Seattle is currently ranked at the top of cities they’ve studied.

It looks like Teatro ZinZanni will be closing in March.  If you haven’t gone for this staple of the Seattle entertainment scene, you might want to make that a priority soon.  Otherwise, you’ll have to go down to San Francisco to check them out.

The Creating Homes Seminar is next week.  There are only a few seats left, so if you want to attend, register now.

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Upcoming Event: Creating Homes

Whether you’re a polycule, platonic friends, a collaborative family, a married couple taking a unique approach to property ownership, or an extra-terrestrial seeking knowledge of human laws and culture, there is a lot of value in understanding how property and home ownership works, and how you can tailor it to your family’s needs.  This seminar co-taught by Jessica Eanes and Nathan Cliber and full of practical advice tailored to the attendees.

Jessica has been working professionally in real estate for over six years and done a lot of work with non-traditional families, and Nathan is a Seattle-based family law attorney with a focus on alternative family structures.  Both have offered similar seminars in the past, and are super excited to team up for this offering focused on home and property ownership.

The seminar will be happening at Office Nomads on February 1, from 7-9pm.

Registration fees are $40 for individuals or $30/person for groups of two or more attending together.

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Welcome to 2017

2016 is out like a gone thing and 2017 is here.  The weather is downright chilly, but from what I can see, the market hasn’t really noticed.  We had a couple quieter weeks there in December, but things are picking right back up now that the holidays are over.  It’s going to be an interesting year.

If you feel like the Seattle market was particularly adventurous last year, you aren’t wrong.  The October numbers from Case – Shiller show Seattle with a 10.7% year-over-year increase in housing prices.  That’s great for sellers, and while it could be rough for potential investors, it comes at the same time we’re continuing to have the biggest rent increases in the country.  Potential first time buyers are the ones who are going to have the hardest time this year, but with their rent going up, it’s looking like a choice between the proverbial rock and hard place.

My resolutions for this year involve teaching more seminars, talking to more people, and petting more cats.  I’d resolve to drink more tea, but I think I’m already fairly close to peak tea consumption.

What does 2017 portend for you?