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Bussing Broker: Week 31

Super busy this week, but I made it out for a quick tour today.  I snagged a ride on the 49 to take a look at some properties at the north end of the neighborhood.  Today was a great day for properties with a view – lots of dramatic clouds over the water with piercing sunlight.

One of the upsides, for me, of touring Capitol Hill is that at this point, I know a lot of the other brokers who work the area.  Touring means we can swap stories about how the market is doing, and check in on transactions and clients we wouldn’t otherwise hear about.  One the tour properties I visited today was being held open by an agent who very generously shared a ton of information about co-ops and how they work, way back when I first moved to the Seattle market.  I had virtually zero chance of bringing a buyer to her, but she spent time with me anyway.  That was an area where I didn’t even know there was information for me to look into – co-ops in Seattle aren’t like co-ops elsewhere.  It was a big kindness and very welcoming experience to have early on.  Today I got to see another of her listings and pay that back a bit with feedback based on what I’m seeing with my buyers.  That’s a good day.

Location: Capitol Hill
Time: 1 hour
Transit modes: Bus, foot
Cost: $2.25
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: Hot cider
Properties Viewed: 3

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Bussing Broker: Week 30

This time of year, any day that’s a bikable day is worth snagging, and I snagged this one.  It was still a bit drizzly when I headed out, but that cleared up and it wound up being a nice day.  I saw five properties, all of them relatively easy to get to via bike from the Burke-Gilman trail.  Not gonna lie, that trail is probably my favorite stretch of bikeable territory in the city, so that made abandoning the office for a few hours even more appealing.

Here’s hoping there are more such days as the season wears on.

Location: University District, Fremont, Ballard
Time: 2.5 hours
Transit modes: Bike, train
Cost: $2.50
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: N/A
Properties Viewed: 5

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Bussing Broker: Week 29

Client needs meant I snagged a car anyway, and while I had it, I dashed out for tour on Queen Anne.  This is the one part of town where even my boundless enthusiasm can’t quite overcome the conveniences a car provides.  Lots of divided streets that don’t share elevations, lots of extremely steep streets that are, for me, unbikable.  Which is a shame because Queen Anne is gorgeous, with some of the best views in the city, and toodling around on foot would be great fun.  I’m still determine to pull this off without catastrophe someday, but this week didn’t bring that day.  I did see some really great properties, though.  The best part: a couple of them have been on the market for a little while.  That’s an opportunity for buyers that’s been in short supply for a long time.

Location: Queen Anne
Time: 2 hours
Transit modes: Car
Cost: $15.80
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: Oriental Beauty, hot
Properties Viewed: 6