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Bussing Broker: Week 18

I tried Queen Anne again.  I was more sensible this time.  Instead of tackling the whole hill, I just hit three properties in lower Queen Anne.  Lower, as in, trying to bike there isn’t an act of idiotic masochism.  (For me, at least.  I’ve seen other people bike up that hill.  I am in awe.)

Okay, I confess, I had an ideal list of seven properties, four of which required me to get all the way up the hill.  I thought, perhaps, if I was feeling very athletic, or if bus timing was convenient, I’d hit the whole list.  It was looking possible for a moment, there, even.  The third property I went to was a sort of transition property.  It was on Ward street and to get there you have to tackle a non-tiny part of the steep incline.  But the best route there, as determined by me in the moment, was to take a public set of stairs.  My bike is heavy.  I chained it up at the bottom of the stairs rather than carry it up, in anticipation of yet more uphill biking.

And then I was done.  Also, sun burned.  All of a sudden, a lot of people are sunburned this week.  I’ve already complained about this weather, but I’d like point out, it’s too early for it to be this sunny!

Location: Queen Anne
Time: 1.5 hours
Transit modes: Bike
Cost: 0
Cats petted: 0
Tea consumed: Blushberry black tea
Properties Viewed: 3

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