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Bussing Broker: Week 8

It is a fact that has been consistent for every single one of the 5+ years I’ve been doing this: business picks up right before I go out of town.  In this case, I’m taking a long weekend in Virginia to visit my grandmother for her 95th birthday.  I’ve told her she should have scheduled turning 95 for a more convenient time of the year, like November, but she just pointed out that she’s been getting older in March several decades longer than I’ve been alive, let alone selling houses.  Fair point, Granny.  Fair point.

That does mean, though, that this week has been the sort of busy where I’m not going to get in a proper property tour trip.  I did drop into a couple opens in Laurelhurst and Windermere between clients, but I don’t think any of the data from this week will be useful for tracking carless property tour convenience.

Location: Laurelhurst / Windermere
Time: ?
Transit modes: Car
Cost: 0?
Cats petted: 0
Properties Viewed: 4

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