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Bussing Broker: Week 2 Part 1

Lots of paperwork at the desk planned for today, so I ducked out around lunch time to take a look at two condos downtown and I only got a little wet.  One of the condos was in the Escala which usually leaves me snickering over certain literary associations.  The unit had some different finishes from most in the building, so that was a worthwhile trip on its own.  The other had a great view but suffered some noise from the viaduct, which means I’m really glad I visited – some clients will take the noise to get the view, others won’t, and now I know who to steer away.

It made a nice break for the day and I can honestly say I’d have skipped both rather than deal with parking downtown, so this is a clear win for the non-car column.

Location: Downtown
Time: 1 hr
Transit modes: Feet
Cats petted: 2
Tea consumed: One mug
Cost: $0
Properties Viewed: 2

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