Hello and welcome to my digital front porch.

If you are looking for the Dream Foundry, the arts non-profit I helped found and currently run, you should look here.

If you’re looking for a fiction writer or development editor, you want me under my pen name, Anaea Lay. Find information for that here.

Essays, analysis, teaching, and non-fiction frequently happen under the pen name, too. If you want something from me in these areas, however, feel free to drop an email to contact at jessicaeanes dot com.

Should you be here seeking a project manager, or advice on real estate or housing, please note: I am largely retired from these realms. I do sometimes take consulting work. If you’re interested in hiring me as a consultant, please reach out to contact at jessicaeanes dot com. I no longer hold a real estate license and consequently can no longer give you personal advice on a purchase or transaction. Please don’t ask.

I am not on Facebook and can’t be reached there. If you want more information about my professional background, take ye to LinkedIn. The rest of my internet presence is under my pen name and can be perused accordingly.